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Customs clearance

Customs clearance EG group has the honor to serve our valued customers in customs clearance for all kinds of goods coming to Egypt. The company for the customs clearance of its customers only the source is one of its branches around the world only and before the customs clearance to any one other than our customers Your shipment is of any kind or quantity in all Egyptian airports and ports Our long experience in the field of customs clearance, Egyptian customs and others enables us to control the arrival of your goods in a timely manner and always adapts to changes by adjusting our system to suit complex customs changes Why the company is clearing for our customers only 1- Providing cost to the customer for long experience in customs tariff 2- Extending large grace periods for non-payment of floors and fines 3. Fit to have all required papers on time 4. Save time and effort to the customer 5 – for the absence of any problems in clearance and ensure the existence of goods compatible with the terms and laws of Egyptian Customs 6 – The company is not exposed to errors against the laws of the lab in the customs and public interest



Services of transport and forwarding agencies: – The company provides all transport services whether for container 20 ft or 40 ft L.C.L, as well as North African States have damaged containers or general goods to and from the Republic’s ports International Land Transport Services The company provides all international road transport services to all Arab countries as well as North African countries whether for containers, general merchandise or fridge


Shipping services: – -Shipping:-The company provides marine freight services to all ports around the world covering most of the world’s ports in Europe – North and South America, South-East Asia Gulf States and Africa The company has a wide network of agents around the world as well as a strong relationship to the shipping lines, which enables us to meet the shipping services at competitive prices to serve our customers with regular flights weekly and direct Incoming shipping:-The company provides shipping services incoming to all ports of the Republic (Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta, Suez, Suez, and Al Ain) through its agents all over the world to meet all services, especially the appropriate categories of customers. L.C.L Ex-Work expenses as well as door to door services Services of sea container shipping The company provides all logistical services for the common containers of its customers inside the country from all international ports to the ports of Alexandria and Port Said as well as Al Ain Alshahn by the most suitable for the cubic meters or tons per container Second: General Cargo: The company provides all cargo services for the general cargo on the Kargo and Shattar boats from the ports (Suez – Port Said – Alexandria – Damietta) to the ports of the Middle East and North Africa. Third: Air Freight Services: We are a company in the field of air freight for shipments to all airports in the world as well as shipments received through our network of agents worldwide as well as to obtain competitive prices from airlines with the provision of EX-WORK services and customs clearance in international air ports.


Import and Export

Import: The company helps you import for others First: Import account for third parties: With more pride and confidence in our ability to provide distinguished services of a high standard, the company and * AG Karas * for import, export and customs clearance to provide you with distinguished services in the import and export of goods to all over the world where we have the honor to provide a distinctive service which makes us different not the best but different Gain your confidence and satisfaction Our motto is trust, credibility and mutual respect We import and export all kinds of goods for your account (account others) We are honored to provide the following services: from the first booking of the memory and until you return to your country of origin from the first to all the required of your presence request to prepare for trade with any country in the world only, we will do everything that includes your convenience and provide integrated services for your presence First: If you want to travel to any country of the countries that you want to trade with you this service is sent to invite you to request the physical and physical work and booking the ticket and accompany you to a tour of the country to trade with and visit the factories for the products to be imported, the desire of us in your trust in our seriousness in dealing with You want to open a new market for you or to provide your sales and customer base and expand the marketing field for your products and your company …… etc can help you and your support and turn your dream to the reality of opening a new market and using our company in all countries of the world and if you do not want to travel to any country has the possibility Connect the product to m Weight in any country in the world in general and in particular, Egypt, Hong Kong, China, Kuwait and the


the meaning


Delivery of the goods next to the factory or the seller’s headquarters


Delivery of the goods in the custody of the carrier (At the point of shipment) in land freight or sea freight


Delivery of goods by ship


(Delivery of goods on board) in the shipping facility


(Delivery of the goods in the shipping port)


Delivery of the goods of the goods and the maritime insurance at the port of arrival


Delivery of the goods in the land of arrival in land and air transport


The price includes shipping expenses and marine insurance


(Delivery of the goods at a particular place in the port of arrival) in land freight


Delivery of goods on board the ship at the port of arrival


Delivery of goods on the pavement at the port of arrival


Delivery of goods at the places of arrival is often the buyer’s place and without clearance for import


Delivery of the goods at the place of arrival (usually at the buyer’s premises)


United Nations Conference on Trade and Development


United Nations Program


The Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture


To the US Agency for International Development


International Trade Commission

Value Added Tax VAT
VAT information processing system VIPS
World Customs Organization WCO
World Health Organization WHO
World Trade Organization WTO
World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO
International Federation of Tourism AITA
Club cars and trips Egypt ATCE

“Terms of Shipping and Insurance”

the meaning Terminology
(Against all risks) insurance A.A.R
an account a/c
A/O (Calculation)
(Acceptance) ACC
All risks A/R
(Value) by value A D v a l
Average Av. ,a v.
Health certificate B/H
Bill of lading B/L
barrel BAR,
support BD
Bag-bag-mobile BG.
(Accepted (price) and Muslim (sold C.&D.
(Shipping cost) C&F
Cost and insurance C&I
Cost, insurance, freight charge (commission) and commission C I F &C
Cost, insurance, freight charge (commission), commission and interest   C I F C& I
current account
Capital account
(Notice of deposit) a commodity in safety C/N
Certificate of origin C/O
money exchange C A D(c. a .d
Cash for documents C .a.d
Advance expenses Ch .fwd
(Cost, insurance and freight charge) C I f(c. i. f)
Cash on delivery COD
Postage only D.I.O
Documents for signature are accepted D/A(also d/a)
Direct port d. p
Documents for payment D/P
Discount DIS.(also disc..)
delivery order
Delivery of the goods from the door of the buyer to the door of the seller
D/O (also D/O)
Muslim next to the ship or boat F A S
Muslim in boats from the ship to the pier F I B
Muslim in the warehouses of the ship I O U
Exempt from drawing in entry or exit F I O
A Muslim in a Train Truck F I W
Muslim next to the sidewalk F O Q
Muslim even pier FD (also f/d)
All interest is acceptable F I A(also f i a)
(Muslim on the deck of the ship (FOB F O B(also fob)
Duty free FOC(also f o c)
Muslim at the railway station FOR(also for)
Muslim in the ship FOS(also f. o. s)
Exempt from taxes
Expenses are fully paid
FOT(also f o t)
Excluded from freight F R
Delivery of the goods to the buyer’s residence Free Domicile
(Freight charge) F r t
Freight Forwarders Frt. fwd
Freight prepaid F r t .pd
G. r (also. gr)
(Total weight) G r(also gr.)
Horsepower Sale or purchase by installments H .P.
clook Hr
Import license I/L
(Reserved at customs) to pay fees I B
(I approve you) recognition of religion I O U
Invoice value IV(also iv)

How can the customs value be determined if it can not be determined using any of the previous six methods and can not be determined using the permitted elasticities?

The World Trade Organization (WTO) Technical Committee has acknowledged that if the value can not be determined Using any of the valuation methods in addition to the inability to determine the value using The permitted elasticities in Article 7 may be determined using customs methods Provided that such roads are not prohibited under Article VII The second paragraph

When using an elastic material, are there customs valuation methods that may not be used?

Yes – when using flexibility in the application of customs valuation methods is not allowed to be based Value based Selling price of domestically produced goods in Egypt The value is higher than the two alternative values Cost of production other than the calculated values ​​determined for identical or similar goods in accordance with the provisions (Article 6) The price of selling the imported goods in the local market in the country of export The price of selling the imported goods in a country other than Egypt Minimum customs values Exaggerated or arbitrary values

What flexibility is allowed when re-applying evaluation methods?

Reapplying evaluation methods allows for flexibility in relation to the following
The valuation can be based on the contractual values ​​of identical or similar goods exported 
to Egypt during
One hundred and twenty days as long as there is no information on contractual values ​​for
 identical or similar goods
Exported to Egypt within thirty days from the date of export of the item under evaluation
The valuation can be based on customs values ​​that have been determined according to either the
adversarial method or
As long as there is no information on contractual values ​​for identical or similar goods
Valuation can be made on the basis of the unit price at which the imported or identical commodity is 
In the local market in its condition or after processing within one hundred and eighty days from the
date of
Importing the item is evaluated as long as no information is available within 90 days
Reapply the method of the opponent


How can customs value be determined if it can not be determined according to any of the previous valuation methods?

In the event that the customs value can not be determined in accordance with the provisions of
either the transaction value method or the method
Goods of a similar nature or method of similar goods or the method of deduction or calculation
In accordance with the provisions of Article VII, paragraph (2), the valuation methods used 
shall be
Article VII, is the methods developed by Articles (1 to 6) but reasonably
Flexibility in applying these methods

Does Customs have absolute power to see producer records?

Customs may not force any product to inspect any account or record for purposes
of identification
The customs value according to the method of calculation or to be allowed to see it only with his consent
The flexible backslash is a subset

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