The basic functions of Customs can be specified below

The basic functions of Customs can be specified below

Collection of duties, taxes and other collections paid by importers and exporters of customs in accordance with the Tariff Law and other relevant laws – Protecting state revenues, by preventing evasion of fees and ensuring payment – Fees and taxes due Control of warehouses in marine and air ports, and follow-up of raw materials Duty-free

Supervision of the movement of the stock of goods in the stores of public warehouses and – Authorized to store imported goods Commitment to the implementation of decisions, rules and standards issued by ministries and departments – Such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry Internal, also the interest of veterinary quarantine and quarantine, and the Department of Drug Control The Weapons and Explosives Inspection Department of the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of Control On works of art and publications

One of the functions of the Customs Authority is to combat smuggling, In or out of the country through customs ports whether maritime, air or land Customs is focusing its efforts on following up all the ports through which it is expected to take place Smuggling activities carried out with the aim of evading payment of duties and taxes or with the aim of introducing Drugs and contraband to the country, or violation of customs legislation The Customs shall assist the other regulatory authorities in the control of the goods – Received, received or prohibited. Examples of these include:

Ministry of Communications and Information Ministry of Health Ministry of Interior Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Defense Department of Drug Control Industrial Control Authority Veterinary Quarantine Department Agricultural Quarantine Department Supervision of works of art and publications Environmental Protection Agency And others

Customs is working to develop customs performance in various customs sectors, by introducing new methods such as pre-release and also application of technologies – Risk management is widely used in various customs areas In all inspections and inspections of goods, whether issued or issued by customs officials, these goods are handled according to special inspection rules, which are committed by the employees of customs inspection departments


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