Is the lack of formalities of the documents justified to reject the transaction value?

Is the lack of formalities of the documents justified to reject the transaction value?

– The formal aspects of the documents are to be approved by a party that specifies or accepts them The Customs Authority, pursuant to Article (23) of the Customs Law, and Article (30) of the Regulations Of the Customs Law 10/2006, which states that the importer or his legal representative is bound by law Submit the following documents 

Confirmation of the value after completing its data accompanied by the original purchase invoice approved by the Chambers of Commerce And other documents related to the costs and expenses of shipping, insurance and all expenses And the burden of importing the goods until unloaded at the port of arrival. It must include Purchase invoice Full details of the name of the seller and buyer and the total price actually paid Payable, full description of imported goods and contractual terms Contracts, correspondence and letters of credit, to alternative routes

Contracts, correspondence, letters of credit, and other documents necessary for validation The value of the transaction requested by customs if the determination of value requires it Therefore, if the letter under evaluation has been verified by the customs administration, it has been found Can be accepted, in accordance with Article I, as a value of the transaction objectively but the documents Provided that they are not approved by chambers of commerce, then in this case they are released to the importer The need to meet the formal aspect of the documents, and in the case of rejection of the importer or expiration The legal deadline rejects the value of the transaction and alternative routes are resorted to

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