Is the WTO Value Agreement useful to the importer?

Is the WTO Value Agreement useful to the importer?

The WTO Value Agreement is a trade facilitation agreement, a trade-friendly agreement that seeks to harmonize and harmonize the customs valuation systems used by all WTO member countries by applying the principles of the Convention. It may be noted that States that have not principles

The importer can make full use of the application of the agreement provided that it is transparent and credible and provide the actual information and documents required by the customs administration and considers himself a partner of the customs administration when verifying the value of the transaction. The agreement allowed consultations between the customs administration and the importer to arrive at the proper evaluation of the deal

– The agreement contains the first and most important method of evaluation is the method of the value of the transaction, which enables the importer committed to benefit from and identify the fees imposed in advance, and be able to quickly release his messages without disruption and get full rights

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