How is Used Car Assessment (Second - Hand)?

How is Used Car Assessment (Second – Hand)?

Used cars for personal or private use from October 1st of the model year are given a discount of 10% of the value of the FOB until the end of September of the following year, provided that they comply with the import rules. The cars referred to after that date shall be given a deduction of 5% for each subsequent year calculated from the first of October of each year without prejudice to the discount and conditions referred to in the preceding paragraph. The discount rates provided for in the two preceding paragraphs shall not exceed 50%

In some countries, the value of the used car is determined by reducing the usage period from the value of new or similar car prices, model or year of manufacture. In the case of additional modifications, the corresponding value is added. The value shall be based on the CIF contract In the event that the imported car is imported after its purchase is used without its importer using it abroad prior to importation, the Egyptian Import Law prohibits the importation of such vehicles

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